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Pokemon Go Hatching Speed: 58% of the Riding Distance Will Be Counted

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While Niantic has released Speed Lock to prevent trainers from playing Pokemon Go while driving, Pokemon Go in fact cannot accurately count trainers' walking distance regardless of how they travel. What is the number of kilometers that Pokemon Go can successfully count at different speeds? The results are surprising. 

pokemon go hatching distance

If you are walking at an average speed of 1.2 mph (1.6 km / h) on a straight road, the game can record up to 80% of the kilometers traveled. If you are running on a straight road, it can record up to 80% of the distance. If you ride with a speed above 15 mph(24.1 km/h) on a straight road, which surpasses the Speed Lock 6.5 mph (10 km/h), 66% of the distance can be actually countd. In the case of a detour, it can record up to 58% of the distance, which is way more than the supposed 10%. 

Test results are very intuitive. The faster you travel, the less distance will be countd. Some players are happy with the result and some are not. Trainers who drive a lot can hatch eggs while driving, and trainers who walk a lot can only travel by foot to get egg hatched. Up to 88% of the distance will be countd if you walk on a straight road, so the remaining 12% is a entirely wasted effort.