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Pokemon Go: 3 New Ways to Play Gen 2 Pokemon

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Pokemon Go has finally launched the Generation 2 Pokemon, in a way different from the launch of the Gen 1. Except for the Legendary Pokemon, the Generation 1 Pokemon can be caught in the wild. 7 Gen 2 Pokemon have been released now, along with a hidden Pokemon. The way to get them is more complicated than catching them in the wild. If you want to get the Baby Pokemon, you will need to know a few features. 

1. No wild Pokemon are available; you can only get them by hatching eggs.

The currently available baby Pokemon can only be hatched. You can hatch Cleffa and Igglybuff from 2 km eggs, Togepi and Pichu from 5 km eggs and Smoochum, Elekid and Magby from 10 km eggs.

pokemon go baby pokemon

Moreover, it takes quite a bit luck to hatch Pokemon from eggs due to the low rate. The most disapCoining is that now you can still hatch the grown form of the baby Pokemon from eggs. While the rate is high, you can still hatch Pikachu, which is pretty weird. 

2. Easter Egg for Buddy Pokemon

You can make the baby Pokemon your Buddy Pokemon, and the walking distance ranges from 1 km to 5 km. Except for Togepi, there is no need to set the other 6 Pokemon as Buddy to change for Candy. But it's worth noting that there is an Easter Egg for using baby Pokemon as your Buddy.

pokemon go buddy pokemon

If you use baby Pokemon as your Buddy Pokemon, the trainer will be able to hold them with both hands, which is sweet. But, among the 7 released baby Pokemon, only Igglybuff doesn't allow this Easter Egg. Instead, Igglybuff will float around the trainer, which is dreamy. After being made Buddy Pokemon, Pikachu will jump onto trainer's shoulder after walking 10 km, so many trainers believe that Pichu will do the same. However, the test shows that despite 10 km walking, Pichu will still in the hold of the trainer. 

3. Togepi can evolve into a hidden Pokemon

While only 7 baby Pokemon have been released, there is a hidden Pokemon Togetic, the evolved form of Togepi. Togetic is the only Gen 2 Pokemon in a grown-up form. If you want to get Togetic, you can only evolved it from Togepi. The fastest way is to hatch Togepi and get a lot of Togepi. Otherwise, you will have to make Togepi your Buddy Pokemon and save Candy to get it evolved. 


Togetic Stats

Max CP: 1553

ATK: 140

DEF: 191

STA: 110

Class: Normal

Attacking Movesets: Zen Headbutt/Dazzling Gleam

Defending Movesets: Steel Wing/Dazzling Gleam